I am a Rainer Beach High School class of 2021 Graduate. I am intrested in how things work and what's needed for them to work. Now I study Computer Engineering.

My Interests In Tech

Graphic Design

Art is often overlooked and looked down on despite it being in every industy. Graphic Design is an example it's both looked up to and down on as an industry.

Comupter Building

While I did buy a prebuilt computer I do tend to flirt with the idea of making my own or customizing it as its a great chance to learn how the computer functions.

Game Development

Seeing games bring people from diffrent backrounds to build communites that last well after the game comes to an end.

My Projects

The Educated Gamer

Two story lines attempting to (or start to) talk about racism in America.
Programmed in Makecode

Play Game


Demonstrating the HTML and CSS I learned.
Programmed in HTML & CSS

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