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Victoria Ulm

I'm a senior at Roosevelt High School. I currently work for Juma while I'm doing an apprentanceship with Digital Skills For All. I rowed for Green Lake Crew for five years and I was in their Varsity woman's boat for 2 years. I have built my own computer and I play video games as a hobby. I plan to learn more about coding and how to skateboard during the time of COVID-19.

Victoria Ulm

I would love to make a positive difference in the world however I can.


Roosevelt High School

I am class of 2021. RHS is located near Green Lake and inbetween University of Washington and Northgate Mall. It offers programs such as many languages, creative arts, and technology.


Juma Ventures | April 9,2020 - Present Day

Due to COVID-19, I haven't been able to work in person, but it has given me plenty of opportunities to do workshops and apprenticeships.


  • Leadership ability
  • Learn efficiently
  • Welcomes challenges


4th place at Head of the Charles for Rowing - 2018

I rowed in the Green Lake Crew varsity boat in Boston, MA.

6th place in Youth Rowing Nationals in Sarasota, FL - 2019

After winning 2nd in Regionals, the varsity boat had the opportunity to go to Nationals.



HTML and CSS | July - August 2020


Spanish | September 2015 - June 2019

American Sign Language | September 2019 - June 2020

My Interests In Tech

Graphic Design

I like making interesting designs that are pleasing to the eye. Graphic design is very insteresting to me because I love to create logos and art that would be used on professional websites.

Web Design

It's exciting creating a website that can be useful or just plain fun. Creating websites that would help humanity or make them laugh is so great because either way it makes the audience feel satisfied.

Game Development

I've always been interested in games so it's fun to see the mechanics of it and create one that will bring awareness. There are so many fun and educational games that change the world for the better.

My Projects

The Educated Gamer

Game that sheds light about the microaggressions and institutionalized racism that our country has been influenced by over the years.
Programmed in MakeCode


My Website

Website that displays myself, my goals, and the things that I support. It was really fun making this and figuring out how to style everything while creating something that I like.
Programmed in HTML & CSS


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