Payton Smith

My name is Payton Smith, I grew up on Vashon Island and am now living in Seattle where I started my RecTech internship. I am interested in software development, custom firmwares, and networking.

I am very interested in computer software and firmware. I am always learning something new: I am good with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and CS5 Adobe AfterEffects for video editing, and am learning C# and some other languages. I am determined to create a game of my own in Unity, and learn as much as I can regarding software development, custom firmwares, and networking as well.

Payton Smith

General warehouse laborer with landscaping experience, specializing in shipping and receiving duties. Excellent eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. Demonstrated ability to read and follow instructions. Avid on-the-job learner excited to apply acquired knowledge while advancing skill-set for future opportunities.


May 2018 - Present | H&M Bay, (800) 932-7521 ext. 639

  • Receives material coming into the building by vendors, customers, or other warehouses accurately and promptly.
  • Verifies the quantity and description of materials received by checking merchandise against the packing list.
  • Prepares a receiving report if none is available.
  • Examine incoming shipments, reject damaged items. Appropriately report/record any discrepancies.
  • Accurately place materials on shelves, in racks or other designated storage areas in an orderly manner.
  • Ensure warehouse/equipment is maintained on a regular basis.
  • Safely operate all the necessary equipment in the work area.


Apr 2017 - Feb 2018 | 6 ROBBLES, (206) 767-7970

  • Examine contents and compare with records, such as manifests, invoices, or orders, to verify accuracy of incoming or outgoing shipment.
  • Record shipment data, such as weight, charges, space availability, damages, or discrepancies for reporting, accounting, or recordkeeping purposes
  • Pack, seal, label, and affix postage to prepare materials for shipping, using work devices such as hand tools, power tools, and postage meter.
  • Requisition and store shipping materials and supplies to maintain inventory of stock.
  • Customer services such as handling will-calls, gathering items for customers and helping them with questions or concerns with products.
  • Loaded and unloaded shipments.
  • Ensured proper storage conditions at the warehouse.


Mobile Equipment Operators Authorization Card


Seattle Lutheran High School | 2016


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability
  • Self-Motivation
  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills

My Interests In Tech

Software Development

Game Development

Information Technology

My Projects

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Create a full to-do list while relaxing to soothing music.
Programmed in Javascript, HTML, CSS

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