• Onsite Visits

    Experiencing the tech industry first-hand

  • Real-World Experience

    Immersive understanding of the tech business world

  • Hands-On Learning

    Building knowledge through real-world experiences

Onsite Visits and Job Shadows

We are provided with the opportunities to experience the tech industry first-hand through onsite visits to leading tech companies. These visits range from learning business skills from experienced professionals to participating in hackathons and real-world tech applications.


We were invited to visited T-Mobile's Launchpad and learn about how new wireless tech is changing and improving our lives. From phones to smart cities, we learned about their new 5G technology.


Our visit to Facebook gave us an inside look at the business and how the tech industry operates. We got insights from industry professionals about their journey and face-to-face help with job search techniques.

Atiz Fashion House

We meet the founder of Atiz Fashion House and she shared with us her approach to fashion and how technology plays a vital role in bringing her clothing to people all over the world.

Facebook: Achievement Summit

We were selected by Facebook's Educational Team to attend their Achievement Summit in Califonia and participate in a hackathon to create a game and present it to tech professionals and other students from all over the country.


We visited Tableau and were inspired by the people who felt that data can be something to help people learn and grow, and not just be business-as-usual. We learned facts and analytical reasoning can be used to solve many of the world's problems.