Yusuf Adem

I'm Yusuf Adem, and I will be a senior this fall. I currently go to SE Interagency High School, but I am planning to transfer to Franklin High School next year and will graduate in 2021. I am participating in Digital Skills Youth Academy because I have had little experience with computers or advanced tech in general and know this is going to help me achieve my career goals.

My Interests In Tech

Game Development

I enjoy creative game development. You start off with nothing, but as you make progress creating your game you realize everything that's happening in your game is because of what you did!

Studio Engineer

I am most interested in becoming a music studio engineer. I write and record my own music and want to learn how to use recording industry software to become a musician and an engineer.

App Development

I am looking forward to learning more about developing applications for computers and phones. I'm just curious to see how an app is made and exploring uses for interesting apps.

My Projects

Sea Turtles

Trash in the ocean is having lasting effects on sea turtles and is a real big world problem going on today. Pick up the trash before any sea turtles get to it.
Programmed in Makecode

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