Mohamed Muse

My name is Mohamed, I will be a senior at Rainier Beach High School this fall. I applied for the Digital Skills Youth Academy because I want to learn more about coding and creating my own website. I once had an opportunity to learn coding at my school,but it didn’t work out.

The Digital Skills Youth Academy has given me a new opportunity to learn coding, and I’ve discovered that I am good at it! I hope that one day I'm able to create my own company website, where people can buy and sell products around the globe.

My Interests In Tech

Front-end Development

App Development is an area that I definitely want to learn more about. I imagine developing apps that can solve problems in the future with any new project I or anyone else is working to develop.

Web Design

I am most interested in learning Web Design for entrepreneurial use. I want to create a business similar to Amazon, where people from Africa and other countries can sell indigenous food and natural products on my website to people around the world. This will help the people of Africa to expose their unique culture, arts, and products to a world-wide audience.

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology is interesting to me; I want to learn more about how it works. I’d like to develop an app that will allow people to make a phone call when they're not near a cell tower and need help.

My Projects


Plant as many trees as you can before time runs out and the tree chopping villain cuts them all down.
Programmed in Makecode

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