Jasmine Navarro

My name is Jasmine Navarro, I go to school at South Seattle College. I was intruduced to coding by a program that came to my school. I really like how with coding you can build basically anything you think of.

Jasmine Navarro


Highly motivated and ambitious employee. Brings strong mathematics skills and can work independently or in a team.

Projected Graduation:2022

South Seattle College

I'm in a program within South Seattle College called Career Link.


Digital Skills For All | Youth Academy | July 2020

Did a six week internship of coding.

Community Garden Crew | June 2019

Worked with a team of twenty youths/adults in a work/study program.


  • Mathemetics
  • Coding
  • Landscaping


Culinary Class

My sister and I did a short culinary class focusing on heathy but tasty foods.



Certificate for being a good team player. | Elementry and Middle school

High Math

Started classes in High Math in elementry. | Elementry and Middle school

My Interests In Tech

Graphic Design

I like how people can just think of an image and design it. It can be used for a lot of problem solving, without even saying anything.

Web Design

What I really like about web design is all the different types of websites people create. Without it we wouldn't have Amazon, Google, Ebay, etc.

Game Development

I'd have to say Game Development is one of my favorite type of coding, beacuse there's so many things people can create and is a big way to be creative. There's so many games because of game development and they have become so advanced today.

My Projects

Sea Turtles

Trash in the ocean is having lasting effects on sea turtles and is a real big world problem going on today. Pick up the trash before any sea turtles get to it.
Programmed in Makecode


My Website

This project shows what I've learned about how to do a website.
Programmed in HTML and CSS


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