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About Us

Here at Digital Skills For All Youth Academy, we work collaboratively to create cool games, websites, chatbots, and other tech projects. In the process, we learn graphic design, web coding, computer programming and collaborative techniques like Agile and project management.

Meet The Staff

Digital Skills for All has a dedicated teaching staff that aims to empower and educate young people interested in technology.

Leslie Howle

Leslie is our fearless leader, bringing years of experience teaching high school and managing education programs at museums and other non-profits; a nurturing presence whose personal assistant is a service dog named Raffi, who brings support and comic relief to our classroom.

Jeremy Sim

Jeremy is a writer, educator, and all-around technology enthusiast. He loves working with students to help them discover and achieve their dreams. He dislikes chocolate ice cream.

Andrew Schreiner

Andrew is a seasoned graphic designer and front-end web developer with fifteen years in the industry. He has experience in web design, HTML/CSS, UI/UX design, interaction design, and mobile app design to name a few.

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